PLH Implementers' App


We aim to design and create an implementation app that will help any NGO which is implementing parenting programmes to overcome implementation barriers and increase programme uptake. We will develop digital tools which cover different aspects such as training, delivery, monitoring and quality assurance. 

The initial stage in this long-term and ambitious project will be the co-development with service users a ‘’minimal viable product’’ (MVP) with only a handful of components and then testing it for acceptability and usability.


Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) is the first open-access, evidence-based suite of parenting programmes to prevent child abuse in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). While offered for free, scalability is limited mainly due to implementation barriers. To increase the likelihood of PLH’s sustainability, it is necessary to revolutionise both the way PLH facilitators are trained and the way programmes are delivered and monitored. One means of doing this is to digitise some of the implementation processes by developing online tools which will be part of an implementation app. We aim to develop tools which will cover all the implementation phases - from preparation, through implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and for all PLH interventions in the suite of programmes. These tools could support not only PLH implementers,  but any NGO that is implementing any parenting programme.


  1. To understand which implementation barriers can be mitigated by digital tools

  2. To make a preliminary assessment of the cost-effectiveness of potential needed components (e.g., fidelity checker, family follow-up tool, well-being self-led programme, mutual support tool)  and choose between 3 to 5 for initial development

  3. To co-develop with PLH implementers 3-5 components and create a ‘’minimum viable product’’ (MVP)

  4. To test the MVP with both experienced and new implementers for usability and acceptability

  5. To use feedback to update the components and plan the next phases and further components

Project Setting

This study will take place in various countries with both online and in-person research activities. The main countries we will work in will be Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, North Macedonia and Tanzania.

Significance and Wider Impact

From the implementers’ side, an MVP which will earn their trust and will be found usable will help to mitigate implementation barriers, increase fidelity and support their well-being. This may also contribute to their work atmosphere and minimise work-related stress. Indirect effects might include the increased ability for programme implementation and better uptake and outcomes for families as a result of increased fidelity.