ParentText is a chatbot parenting intervention delivered through popular communication channels users trust: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS. The chatbot delivers evidence-based parenting support from Parenting for Lifelong Health, UNICEF, Helping Adolescents Thrive, and other parenting interventions that aim to reduce violence against children and improve child wellbeing. ParentText can easily be adapted to national parenting guidelines for local cultures and contexts. ParentText can be delivered as a standalone intervention or in a hybrid format, augmented within the PLH solutions ecosystem including WhatsApp support groups or in-person sessions.


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Tailored for Context

ParentText relies on a user-friendly Google Doc-based content authoring tool that allows implementers to tailor content for local contexts with considerations for language, culture, and priority user groups. Through a customised onboarding process, users receive tailored content related to their unique user profile and parenting goals. Married caregivers may receive learning modules on intimate partner violence while new mothers may receive an interactive assessment for childhood development milestones.

As users join ParentText, they choose how they’d like to receive content: as text and images or supported with audio or video files. Users chose, based on their available bandwidth and data support, a pathway unique to their digital maturity and literacy.



ParentText’s interactive, progress-based design allows users to self-direct their learning experience by choosing their parenting goals, when to receive new learning materials, and how to receive messages. Users engage with the ParentText curriculum each day through quizzes, home tasks, GIFs, comics, videos, and audio messages. ParentText’s on-demand troubleshooting support helps parents navigate tricky moments with their children with localised safeguarding features helping users access emergency services when needed. Goals are customised for each deployment of ParentText to meet the situational demands of each context.



ParentText can be delivered at population level through mass media, but is best implemented in a hybrid model with users receiving an in- person orientation to strengthen digital literacy and commitment to the programme. During implementation, service providers can engage with groups of parents in-person or through WhatsApp chat groups using moderator guides.




We believe that every parent, everywhere deserves access to playful parenting support. ParentText's technical architecture is open source and available for developers through GitHub. Content created for ParentText is available under Creatice Commons licensing with attribution. ParentText is typically delivered through UNICEF's RapidPro channels but can also be adapted for nearly any chatbot service. Implememntation costs may include server support, messaging fees, and data charges where applicable.