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Organisational and programme sustainability are core elements of the GPI’s vision. It is vital that we can respond to the existing and growing demand from governments, NGOs, and the private sector for the scale-up of playful parenting programmes to improve educational outcomes and reduce violence against children. The PLH Charitable Social Enterprise has been established to address this need, providing support and technical assistance for the scale-up of PLH and PLH-digital playful parenting programmes worldwide.

PLH Charitable Social Enterprise

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The PLH Charitable Social Enterprise is committed to developing evidence-based, open-source playful parenting solutions and bringing the capacity to operationalise a global scale-up of services to the most vulnerable. Our priorities for the charitable social enterprise are:

  • Expanding the reach and impact of evidence-based parenting solutions in the Global South by building local infrastructure, training frontline service providers, and providing technical assistance to enable scale-up and institutionalisation within government, NGO, and private sector systems

  • Facilitating collaboration among international, regional, national, and local stakeholders, including building the capacity of partners in the Global South

  • Building a first responder delivery model to provide parenting and child protection support during humanitarian emergency and crisis situations

  • Increasing organisational sustainability and resilience by diversifying revenue streams across philanthropic donations, funded partnerships, and earned-income models

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